About DoubleTap

What Does Sponsorship Entail?

We are far from your average networking group. We create a nurturing environment for industry leaders to share advice, connections, war stories and good times. Most importantly, we fight for each other. We provide businesses the opportunity to pitch us once a month as we have 1000s of people in our immediate circles.


We want you to be a friend of DoubleTap! That means have drinks & have fun. We believe that truly knowing someone makes doing business sooooo much easier.


Be ready to pitch to a bunch of founders. We will give you the floor and our full attention while you tell us what you are all about and how you can help us. I would recommend you offer some sort of discount or something just for DoubleTap.


Send us other materials (example work, pricing sheets, etc) so we can send out to all the members before dinner.  Then all we ask is for you to get us drunk and pick up the tab ;)

How It Works

Must be a CEO or Founder

You must have founded a company or be a CEO in order to qualify for membership.  If you are a professional and believe you can contribute we will assess it on a case by case basis.

Be selected or invited

You may be selected randomly and invited to the community otherwise every member of Doubletap is encouraged to recommend people in their network.

Let the fun begin

As DoubleTap membership grows, we will transition to an investment group. Why? Because investing should be fun and done with trusted friends. We already have the relationships and expertise.  IPAs and IPOs!

Founding Partners

  • Jon Gillon
    Jon Gillon
    • Founding Partner, DoubleTap Ventures
    • Founder and CEO, Roost
    • Startup Advisor
  • Dane Matheson
    Dane Matheson
    • Founding Partner, DoubleTap Ventures
    • VP, Global Business Development, Sourcebits
    • Co-Founder at GymHit Software


  • Maxwell P. Wheeler
    Maxwell P. Wheeler
    • Managing Partner, DoubleTap Ventures
    • Partner, IT Labs LLC
    • General Partner, Poundstone Leice
  • Rob Travers
    Rob Travers
    • Partner, DoubleTap Ventures
    • Founder/ CEO of Bobber Inc.
    • Managing Director of Lost Lighter LLC
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