The Nano-coating Technology that can Waterproof any Device

It has long been known that electronics and liquids do not mix. Water has a tendency to shortcut and fry devices, rending them useless. However, a new company is seeking to waterproof any device to prevent further electronics from succumbing to a watery grave.

The company, Liquipel, uses a nano-coating to not only waterproof, but make them water repellent. The nano-coating, which is hydrophobic, repels water from coming into contact with any part of the device. To waterproof the device it is first placed into a vacuum. A patented gas is then introduced into the chamber where it is subject to plasma which decomposes the liquid repellent molecules, polymerizing them to themselves. The Liquipel fluid is then bonded to the surface on a molecular level to produce the repellent surface.

The coating is micro-thin, not visible to the human eye. With the coating covering even internal components, water simply flows right through without coming into contact with any electronic components. The company guarantees two years of protection before the coating will start to wear down on areas including the buttons and charging port. While the slightly degraded coating may not be entirely impervious to water, with the internal components still protected, it is still highly unlikely to suffer significant water damage even farther than the two year guarantee.

However, since the phone only protects from water damage, corrosion is not accounted for. Saltwater has a natural tenancy to severely corrode metals, which may impact the functionality in any electronic device. The salt may also hinder the devices cooling systems as it solidifies on heat sinks, impacting the speeds and potentially causing overheating while the device is waterproof, other complications could impact the functionality of the device, with that, it is highly un-recomeneded to submerge the device for prolonged periods. Should the phone be subject to salt water, it is recommended to thoroughly rinse it afterwords.

With millions of devices succumbing to a watery grave each year, Liquipel, the unsung hero of the electronic world is actively fighting water damage and providing the technology to make any device 100% waterproof.

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